About Us

Incorporated in Iran in 2011, today Vira Vision has developed to become the market leader and trendsetter in architectural lighting, resell and servicing of electrical equipment.  Presenting innovative lighting designs, the company is recognized throughout the market for its subtle blend of ambiance, elegance, functionality, and design, both in interior and exterior lighting.

Vira Vision lighting design provides full-service lighting design through its three distinctive departments: Architectural lighting design, Entertainment lighting design and Light Art installations. By integrating a creative sensibility, innovation and an emotional touch to our architectural projects, and by combining pragmatism with perfectionism and a technical specificity in the entertainment and art installations work, we are able to reach a synergy, and to provide truly unique results.

The first five years:

During the first five years it struck our attention that the people and project owners started giving more and more attention to lighting, and how to apply it. It proved to be the start of a new story…

In the first five years Vira Vision team of 7 employees developed the first luminaire, the Elora, which is still part of the current collection. Focusing on the domestic market at first, Elora quickly expanded to the countries, such as Iraq and Turkey.

2016 and beyond:

After five successful years for Vira Vision, we decided to add new services for our customers to expand our company. So, we started resale and servicing of electrical equipment for small and medium size companies. In this case we have started our collaboration with a wide range of creative individuals and industry professionals such as factory owner, architects, artistic directors, producers, public bodies, developers, and the end clients.

For over 9 years, our experienced team, with its diverse background  of engineers with years of experience established Vira Vision Company to improve environmental conditions and lighting in different industries since 2011. So, we focused on our expertise on domain of delivery industry equipment, architecture and proved its ability to offer original, effective and distinctive solutions in every project it takes on. Finally, our services, which include resale and servicing of electrical equipment, concept design, import, commissioning and follow up are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.